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Monday, April 14, 2014

STL MLB Player of the Week #9

This week’s player is a big one. No not really but his name was James Thomas "Jumbo" Elliott. Jumbo was born in STL on October 22, 1900 and died in Terre Haute, Indiana, IN on January 7, 1970. Jumbo was a left-handed pitcher who played in about 10 seasons in the majors. He debuted with the STL Browns on April 21, 1923. He played in one game and had an ERA of 27! After this performance he was let go by the Browns and signed with the Brooklyn Robins, the who? What the..wait the Dodgers were the Robbins from 1914 until 1931 when they became the Dodgers? I learned something new.  So why didn’t the Dodgers change their name when they shuffled off to LA? Ditto for the Giants and the As. Leave those names where they belong in NY and Philly. With the Robbins AKA Dodgers he played in 115 games, pitched 608.1 innings, had a record of 26 and 38 with an ERA of 3.89, and had 242 Ks and 219 walks, and one save. He was traded to the Phillies on October 14, 1930 with two other players for Lefty O’Doul and one other player. With the Phillies he played in 129 games, pitched 582 innings, had a record of 36 and 35 with an ERA of 4.53, he had 205 Ks, 183 walks, and 7 saves. On May 16, 1934 he was purchased from the Phillies by the Boston Braves (shoulda changed the name). With the Braves for one season he was in 7 games, pitched 15.1 innings, had an ERA of 5.87, struck out 6 and walked 9. On June 14, 1934 he was purchased from the Braves by the Southern League’s Atlanta club. His final game was on June 9, 1934.Jumbo he resided in Terre Haute, IN where he played in 1922 with a minor league team. In 1968 he ran as mayor of Terre Haute but didn’t win.

1933 Goudey #132                                                                   1928 W513

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