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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Better than a Blaster #1

I am starting an irregular series of postings titled “Better than a Blaster”. The purpose is to highlight lots of cards for about the price of a blaster ($19.99). This is a result of not picking up many Yadi cards lately due to the high prices of the newer cards and lack of supply of others. So trolling EBay I have been picking up lots of Cardinals cards for good prices. Please keep in mind as I begin to blog these lots that I stopped collecting in about 1985. This resulted in not having most of the Cardinals’ cards from the “Junk Wax” era.

Recently I came  across a BIN lot for $19.99 that had only been listed for a few minuets. What drew me to this lot were 2014 Topps Series 1 Matt Adams and Kolten Wong autos!

Boom worth the price of a blaster to me. They are sticker autos but autos nonetheless. How about a 2014 Series 1 Matt Carpenter black bordered parallel #29 out of 63! Wait there is more numbered goodies to come, 2013 Topps Triple Thread purple Bob Gibson #211 out of 650, and a David Freese purple #551 out of 650.
To wrap up the numbered cards is a 2008 Topps Chrome bronze Rico Washington #435 out of #599.  Wiki tells us that he was on the Cardinals’ roster for about 3 weeks in April 2008. After this he went on to play for a year for Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions of the Chinese Professional Baseball League and he is now with the Kansas City T-Bones.
The lot also included two unnumbered but equally as cool Topps' buybacks 1960 Joe Cunningham (6 years with the Cards) and a 1960 Solly Hemus (8 years as a player and 3 as a manager for the Birds).
Other cards included in the lot were four 2014 Topps Series I red-hot foils of Yadi (already have), Lance Lynn, Kolten Wong, and Matt Adams.  Two 2014 Topps' Ozzie Smith and Waino mini inserts were included as well. I am almost tempted to start two more PC collections of Waino and Al “The Mad Hungarian” Hrabosky. The last insert is a Shelby Miller The Future is Now from 2014 Series I. There were other cards included most of which were Topps and Bowman Chrome, which I may need but I am uncertain. This lot was well worth the price of blaster and I would rate the value at A+.


  1. I enjoy busting blasters every now and then, but it's much more cost effective for me to buy "lots" and individual cards that fit my PC's. Just noticed that 2001 Appalachian League Yadi... I'm off to eBay to see if they have any reasonably priced copies.

  2. Hey Fuji there is flea market coming up at a school on McKee and 101, I want to say on 5/3. Can't recall the name but I did drive by yesterday. Since I need many Cards cards I am going the lot route. I went to Stevens Creek and of course no Card cards, not unexpected. Let me know if you land the Yadi. I have been crazy at work, but hope to send a packet off soon.

    1. I saved the Yadi in my eBay search. I'll probably chase down the whole set, since it includes a Mauer and Wright too.

      As for the flea market, I tried to look it up. Didn't see anything on the internet. Could it be the Berryessa Flea Market? I know I'll be going out to the De Anza Flea Market next Saturday. It's sort of a middle class flea market with crafts and collectibles. It's rare that I find any cheap cards, because these vendors typically know what they have. However... it's a great place to get out and walk.

  3. This is the school, I just googled it. Anne Darling Elementary School
    333 N 33rd St San Jose, CA 95133. It was on their sign for 5/4, but you might want to call B4 going, if you do.

    1. Thanks Brady! I'll definitely check it out after I go to the Capitol Flea Market.