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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Better than a Blaster logistics

I like the idea of reviewing lots of cards of Cards I pick up on the inter web but I have been kicking around how best to rank them. I am leaning towards a 1 to 3 blaster box rating based on quality, value, and expectations. A rating of one blaster for unsatisfied, two blasters satisfied, and three blasters very satisfied. Quality is based on the quality of cards, for example too much junk wax? Too many doubles? Damaged cards? Value is doubles subtracted from promised total divided by actual number of cards. I will deduct those cards I know we have. Expectations are those I have for the item based on the item description.

The format may look something like this:

Number of cards in lot: 400
Cost of lot with shipping: $10.00
Cost per card of unduplicated cards: .03 cents per card.
Quality: 3 Blasters
Value: 3 Blasters
Expectations: 2 Blasters

Way Way back I seem to recall there used to be checklist books for teams in which all cards of a particular team are listed. I sure could use one for the Cardinals.


  1. I found this on Amazon:


  2. OMG thank you for the link. I am going to check to see if my wife needs any thing from Amazon too.