1966 Topps Baseball Wantlist

Monday, April 14, 2014

Some Pirate booty arrr....

I received a sweet PME from Matt over at Bob Walt the Plank. If you haven’t checked out his blog please do so and take a look at his incredible collection of Andrew McCutchen auto and relics!

Would treasure did the chest reveal? First up 2014 Yadi! I love this card it really shows how mature Yadi has become from his baby face days. Two Yadi cards…nice. The 2014 Topps insert Upper Class is nice insert set. I guess it is suppose to be a yearbook picture? Also included were two 2005 All-star Stitches from Topps’ relic cards from two of my favorite Cardinals. First relics we have for these two Cards.
First is Jimmy “Ballgame” Edmunds who according to my wife may be the best-looking guy to every play baseball. With 217 saves we have the all time saves leader for the Cards Jason Isringhausen.

In 2006 it was painful to watch him close out games as he blew several but all in all a great Cardinal. Then we have a trio of Wainos!

2014 Waino All Fired Up insert from this years Opening Day set, the 2014 Topps base NL Wins leader, and finally a Supper Veteran insert with Waino then and now, wow he looks so young which I guess is the point.  Matt also included some always appreciated Stan “the Man” Musial and David Freese 2013 A&G.
As we all know David is now with the Angels of whatever. When he arrived he took Stan’s number 6 as a tribute to the “the Man”. A pair of Matt “Dreamy Eyes” Carpenter a base 2014 and a Target. Matt  is one our favorites and a player I could build PC of, plus he is a grinder. When we saw the Cards in Oakland we were pretty close to the field and we were surprised how tall and lanky he is.
I know the parallels are designed to suck money from us but I generally like them. Last but not lease the treasure chest included this beauty!

2013 Topps Gibby Commemorative Pin honoring his 1968 1.12 ERA. Gibby is the reason the pitching mound was lowered. Will we ever see an ERA this low again? What a magnificent card. Thank you Matt! Be one look out for booty coming your way. Note to self, never try to mail something the day before taxes are due. Duh..


  1. Glad you liked everything. I'll keep putting my Cardinals aside for you. My buddy pulled a Carpenter auto the last time we opened a box. I'll see if I can convince him to trade it to me.

  2. I can't wait to see one of those pin cards in person, because it looks really cool.

  3. Thanks again Matt I am sending you some booty tomorrow tried Monday dumb move. Fuji I will be sending some booty your way too, probably next week.