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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

TriStar Recap Part Un

A couple of weekends ago was the annual TriStar show at the Cow Palace in South San Francisco which is about a hour twenty minutes north of where I live. As usual, I left early filled up the car and my belly and was an hour early, I wish I could have taken a picture but when you drive in South San Francisco the Cow Palace is impressive and really does take my breath away. It was built in an era when bigger was better and progress was determined by the amount of concrete you used to build these. Unfortunately, it was a misty day-and I got in line about 20 minutes early. I was about 5th in line and chatted with a guy whom I met last time and always wears a Cardinals' jersey but isn't a fan-says he likes the colors.

The doors open I head in-to the left is PSA but dead ahead is a table. Now I have many years of Flea Market experience and I can scan a table and ascertain whether it is worth stopping by or not within seconds.  I spy about 12-17 stacks of football and baseball cards by year-each about 5 inches tall and all $1 according to the sign. WTH! I am in-the football cards were 1959-1965 or so-I am really not familiar with them. The baseball were 1959-1969 Topps. All of which were, in my not so educated opinion in EX/Near Mint condition perhaps better. Booya!

Again, I really don’t collect football cards but there is something from an aesthetic view that I really enjoy-so after going through the baseball stacks I did the same with the football cards and as a result I picked up all of these for $1-a little less because the guy rounded down.
First up, 1960 Topps #104 Mal Hammack & #108  Don Gillis.

Now we have 1964 Philadelphia Gum  #171 Bob De Marco, #172 Ken Gray,  #175 Ernie McMillian, #176 Dave Meinert, #179 Joe Robb, #180 Bill Stacy, and # 182 Cards Play of Year.



Finally 1965 Philadelphia Gum   #154 Cardinals Team, #156 Jim Bakken the only player I am familiar with.

 An interesting note about Philadelphia Gum is that was the exclusive rights holder to NLF cards and proudly placed the NFL logo on their cards in 1965 to show Topps who was boss. 1960 Topps Football consisted of 132 cards , 1964 Philadelphia Gum consisted of 198 cards, and 1965 Philadelphia had 198 cards.
I could see myself trying to finish off the team sets but it will be a slow process as these aren't a focus. Next up will be the baseball cards I gleaned from the stacks.


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