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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Opening Day Ramblings

As I sit here,  the Redbirds start the year tomorrow at 10:05 am my time against the Bucos. I think it is going to be a long season-the season hasn't started and this guy is off to the DL with knee surgery after slipping in the dugout,
and he was to be the back up for Yadi who will need to sit off and on to finish the season strong.

Then he 
was going to help fill the void of loosing.
Then there is this dude who missed a wee bit of last season.

With Yadi and Waino aging it will be interesting to see how they will weather the long season. Yeah,  I am pessimistic but I am by nature. Then again it is FREAKING OPENING DAY !!!! I am pumped-bring it on Cubs! 

Two guys in a field when a bear shows up, one guy says to the other "How we going to out run this bear?", the other guy responds "I don't have to out run the bear I just have to out run you." So the Cardinals don't need to win it all they just have to do better than the Cubs.


  1. Gotta say... I'm feeling a little pessimistic myself. Then again... I'm an A's and Padres fan, so I have reasons to be pessimistic. With that being said... since neither of my teams are likely to make the playoffs (I'd be happy if they reach .500)... I'll probably be pulling for those Cubbies come postseason.

    1. Padres are due-is your friend setting up this weekend?

    2. No. But I think I'll be there on Saturday, because I need to get a bunch of stuff authenticated by PSA. What day are you going?

    3. Saturday-in line at 930 :)

    4. Okay. Waiting to hear from my buddy. But if I end up going it'll be early Sat as well.

    5. Hey B... not going to make it to Tristar. I gotta dogsit and my buddy Mike is going to get my stuff PSA'd for me. Have fun buddy!