Thursday, April 21, 2016

TriStar Recap Part Due

One of my goals was to pick up some Redbird vintage cards to work towards completing team sets.
As I indicated in the previous post the $1 stacks had some nice baseball cards. I was able to add a few to our collection. I didn’t take the time to look at my needs list since a bargain is a bargain and if I already had the card perhaps I could upgrade.

 I also visited a dealer that I had at the previous TriStar show-he had solid vintage Topps at reasonable prices from $2 to $20. I stuck to the $2 and $5 cards.  I visited another guy who had some nice cards but not much of what I was looking for. I was able to bargain a little on three cards which probably got me to the price I would otherwise be willing to pay for them. I thought it would be best to show the cards by year and not by dealer-

1959 Topps- #59 Irv Noren, #278 Chuck Essegian (White Back), #285 Joe Cunningham (White Back), and #539 Gary Blaylock.
1960 Topps #101 Bob Miller.

From the $1 stacks 1961 Topps #91 Walt Moryn and #420 Ernie Broglio “Brock for Broglio”-I already had these cards and when I process these purchases I will hopefully be able to upgrade,

1963 Topps #206 Ray Washburn set me back $2 and is nice condition.

I know there are some debates among collectors which Topps set of the1960s is the most attractive and perhaps I will do my own ranking someday. But regardless I have to place the 1964 issue close to the top of the heap. I really appreciate the vivid color, the simple but impactful fronts and the decent backs. Some day when I win the lottery I will buy the complete set.

For $1 I added the following 1964 cards. Carl Sawatski, Ernie Broglio, Photo Team, Gary Kolb, Ray Sadecki, Ron Taylor, Ray Washburn, and Jeoff Long. Had some of these as well-but they are in fantastic condition.


Next post will pick up with 1965 and finish up with the vintage. Then a review of some dime box and other finds, then a recap and a review of the show.

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