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Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Killer Bs

What do I love as much as the other two B words, Baseball and Baseball Cards-self not included? Beer! A little deviance from my usual card centered posting. But what the heck I know there are beer lovers who read this as well.

This week is Spring Break for my wife and we usually take a little trip-last year Dallas, year before Albuquerque, and this year North San Diego County, in particular Oceanside.  Our plans were to originally drive down early last Friday but alas we couldn’t leave until the afternoon. So, good news is that we stopped at our usual hotel in Buellton for the night but not before a stop off at Figueroa Mountain Brewing.
We have wanted to kick by here but our travel schedules and route in the past didn’t allow for it. Nice brewery in a cool town with a large selection and we tasted the Danish Red Ale, Black IPA, Double Brown, Cask Porter, Bohemian Pils, IPA, and Imperial Porter.  The interior was attractive the ambiance was excellent with mostly locals who seemed to know each other. They also had a three-piece band jamming classic rock. Which was really enjoyable since they were in their early 20s. We found a solid pizza joint- Gino’s of Pismo on the way to check-in. California can be a pizza wasteland-especially for us from the Midwest and East Coast.

After spending Saturday and Easter with our family we, as we usually do, took a little time out of our visiting the following day to hit a couple of breweries in Oceanside and Vista.

First up was Legacy Brewing, which is located in what can be a tough area of Oceanside. Interesting vibe-dark interior with long tables, dark paint, band stage, and military and historical themed beer names. Not surprising since we were very very near to Camp Pendleton. We thought the beers were pretty good and we tried their Irish Red Ale on Tap, Scottish Ale, Brown Ale, and a couple of more. Picked up a couple of 22 ounce bomber bottles for the house.

Last brewery of the day was Bear Roots Brewing in nearby Vista.
Located in a very small home brew shop they were wiped out of most of their beers, not unexpected since it was a Monday. We tried the Black IPA and one of their IPAs. Good beers, would come back in large part because of a Torta (Mexican sandwich) shop a few doors down which looked very appetizing.

Tuesday was the last full day and we had a chance to hit one more brewery, which gives me a lifetime total of 470 visited (yep, I like good beer). Since we have visited almost every brewery in the tri-city area of Oceanside, Vista, and Carlsbad over the years it was exciting to hit the newly opened Urge Gastropub & Whiskey Bank/Mason Ale Works. Located in So' O’ (South Oceanside) this is a new from the ground up building breaming with industrial chic interior. Beers were among the best of the trip we tried among others the Coffee Stout, Saison, Gose, Session IPA, Red IPA, and Hoppy Brown. After a meal of bacon wrapped boursin cheese stuffed Medjool dates, Peruvian stuffed chicken, and carne asada street tacos I walked across the street to a “Sports/Gaming Card” store.

I don’t get a chance to go to many card shops so I was excited that this was located across from the brewery. While my better half waited for me I went to check it out. Walking in I should have known there would be very slim pickings. One young girl looking at Yu-Gi-Oh cards while the older gentleman/owner sat in the corner. The conversation went like this “What are you looking for?” “Cardinals” I answered, there are many transplant Redbird fans in the area, so I was hopeful but a simple scan of the shop would indicate one would be lucky to find any sports cards. “What is in the binders and boxes (10 massive binders and monster boxes)?” “Yu-Gi-Oh”, arrrr. I spotted some boxes and packs and checked them out. 1991 Conlon box anyone? Well I made a mercy buy of the following hobby packs- 2015 Topps Heritage High Numbers, 2015 Topps Heritage Minors, 2015 Topps Major League Debut, 2016 Donruss Series I, and 2015 Panini Contenders. So what did I get for $20?

What I did get that is worth commenting on-

2015 Topps High Number SP Devon Travis.
2015 Topps Pro Debut Man Relic Kyle Schwarber #33/50 (up for trade).
2015 Panini Contenders Taylor Ward Auto #71/99.  This from CBS Baseball-

“As expected, Ward will begin the season in the low minors after an impressive 2015 campaign in which he slashed .348/.457/.438 with three home runs and six steals between the rookie and Low-A levels. The 22-year-old was a first-round pick in 2015, but it looks as though 2016 will be another developmental year for the Fresno State product.”

A couple of Cardinals, one former Redbird now Cub! 2015 Panini Contenders Old School Colors Stephen P and Big Mac, and 2016 Donruss Flashback Heyward.

At least I know the owner wasn’t pack searching as the Schwarber card was one of two cards in the pack. So they were fun packs to bust and I look forward to finding bargain boxes of the Panini products.


  1. Gotta try Gino's the next time I'm down in the Pismo area. Did you happen to go to Firestone in SLO? Or Splash Cafe in Pismo? Those are two of my favorite places to eat down there.

    By the way... how much was the guy charging for his box of Conlon?

    1. Pretty good pie-even't been to FW in SLO or Splash but will check them out-want to do a get away with my wife to Pismo. I have been to the FW in Buelton. I wished I would have asked him about the Conlon.

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