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Friday, April 22, 2016

TriStar Recap Part Tre

Continuing on with vintage pickups I was able to upgrade my 1966 Tracy Stallard. Mr. Haverkamp was kind enough to help out with my 1966 needs with a copy last year but this marks an upgrade.

Next up the greatest year the world has ever known-yep the year of my birth-1967. All of these were picked up at the $1 table. Since I have several Ray Sadeki cards he shows up here as a, gasp, Giant. #41 Joe Hoerner, 1#95 Al Jackson, #304 Phil Gagliano, #404 Nelson Briles, #409 aforementioned Sadeki, and #421 Dal Maxville (this one I have but this could be an upgrade).

I am not a huge fan of the next set but I was able to pick up a coule of 1971s including a high number. My check list indicated I have the Gibby-but honestly I don’t remember-which is weird for me. But for $6 in excellent condition it became mine.  #450 Bob Gibson and #571 Ted Sizemore.

Wrapping up the vintage-not sure if the 70s count has vintage because if it does that means I am vintage too? I came across the guy I bought a few Bowmans last year and he had a binder with 1972 High #s. All in EX/NM condition. I picked up #645 Jim Maloney, #671 Donn Clendenon, #775 Jerry Reuss, and #779 Tony Cloninger.  I also picked up two other 1972 Hi #s from the same guy his was the last table I hit as I walked out and it was on the dark side so I didn’t notice that one had gum residue and the team card, real bummer had a small spot on the front a stain and not a printing issue. So what a freaking bummer-the price I paid I thought at the time was high but have since found they were reasonable considering what I am seeing on the Bay. The gentleman said he got these all from a vending box and even showed me a picture-alas, do vending boxes come with gum?

Well that does it for the vintage pickups. I think I will reflect more on the vintage when I write a wrap up post.

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