1966 Topps Baseball Wantlist

Thursday, December 15, 2016

"I am the Meat Man and the Meat Man Knows"

Anyone whom is close to my age (49) and is from St. Louis or the surrounding area knows the commercial and the jingle featuring a mustachioed butcher with apron and  who would sing "I am the Meat Man and the Meat Man Knows" telling us about the deliciousness of Mayrose bacon, sausage, and bologna (above is a commercial). I can attest they were delicious. In 1960 Mayrose Meats issued a set of 11 cards honoring the recently moved from Chicago to St. Louis Cardinals. I wrote about a few I picked up for a reasonable amount Here. So a lot of 5 in excellent condition popped up for a good price and I jumped on it. The lot contained the main stars of the 1960 Cardinals-Bobby Joe Conrad, John David Crow, and Woodley Lewis. Four of the cards are new-but it still is a bargain. Leaves us with Frank Fuller George Izo, Bill Stacy, and Mike McGee to complete the set.


  1. John David Crow looks like he has gas.

    Love the oddballs!

  2. Indeed-I think he had something happen when he was a Kid that paralyzed his face-but if one is to play football it is a fearsome look.