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Monday, December 12, 2016

Autos, Autos it is Raining Autos

I know I have ranted on how plentiful autos really are but don’t let that fool you in to thinking that I don’t love to pull them. With that in mind and with an opportunity to pull a Jake Arrieta, Madison Baumgartner, David Price, Jordan Zimmermann, and Josh Reddick minor league certified auto I picked up three boxes of 2007 Just Minors boxes from a vendor that had buy two get one free, bam I was in. Each box promised 1 auto per pack or 12 per box! How could I miss? SO how many autos did the boxes yield? 36 exactly, with 6 doubles-thankfully two are Redbirds and one will make it to Ray, eventually, how many of the aforementioned players did they yield? NONE. Well, in spite of that it was nice to open relatively inexpensive boxes with every pack yielding an auto. Besides the fun factor the box did yield a number of Redbird autos and other well know players. The box yielded a set of the base cards of 65 minus one card missing and one damaged plus 3 Just Black parallel cards # to 50-though to be honest you can’t really tell them apart.

We will start off with the Redbirds pulled-Brett Cecil (Ok, wasn’t one when this card was issued),
Clayton Mortensen (now with the Royals)
, Jess Todd had two autos one regular and one numbered 7 of 10, and David Kopp only had a base card. Jess was a player to be named later that went with Chris Perez to the Indians for Mark DeRosa in 2009. Why does it seem like the Indians always pick the pockets of the Redbirds? Oh, because they do and more on this later. Jess was last seen in the Majors in 2010 with the Indians when he threw 6 innings in 5 games with a 7.50 ERA, he was granted Free Agency in 2015 by the Red Sox. One win for the Redbirds Vs. the Indians.

David Kopp left the Cardinals’ organization in 2011 and ended up with the Tigers,  then in 2014 he was with Jalisco in the Mexican League. Now he is on the Clemson Tigers' coaching staff and 2016 was his first year. OK, now this brings level the Cardinals-Indians trades, time for the Indians' revenge. I bring you Justin Masterson-yep #22 out of 100 this is the Just White Edition.

What I think I will do is show the autos first-no comments needed.

 No for the base cards of those I didn't get autos of.


  1. Despite the lack of big hits, it looks like these were some fun boxes to break. Lots of solid big league talent there, before they made it big. That Donaldson auto is nothing to sneeze at either.

    1. I have to say it was a blast-rainy cold night-I forgot Josh was Cubby

  2. Congratulations on pulling a Donaldson!