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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

1967, The Greatest Year, but not for the Football Cardinals

Nineteen sixty-seven the greatest of all years-the year of my birth but unfortunately not so for the Football Cardinals as they would finish 6-7-1 and third in the Central Division.

This season would see 23 year-old Jim Hart take over most of the QB duties from Charley Johnson. Charley Johnson after his playing career would become a chemical engineering professor at his alma mater New Mexico State, how fascinating. He wouldn’t retire from there until 2012! This shouldn’t come as a surprise as when he was with the Cardinals he would get his Masters and Doctorate from Washington University in St. Louis.  Veteran Bobby Joe Conrad was still with the team in 1967.

This year would be the last for my favorite card producer Philadelphia Gum as this would be their last football issue. The 1967 Philadelphia issue would only contain NFL cards-this issue was 12 versus 13 as was in the years past. These12 cards included a team card as well a logo card, which is really cool.

As with previous years there was a number of “rookie” cards-first University of Missouri alum Johnny Roland would have his first card, though with the Cardinals since 1963 Hall of Famer Jackie Smith had his first card, Roy Shivers also had his “rookie” card in 1967. However, it wouldn’t be until 1968 that Jim Hart would have his first card.

I can’t say too much I like the Philly issues-but then again if you read the others in this series you know that.

The front, much like that last years it was a simple portrait or staged action shot of the player framed in yellow with a grey box along the bottom with player name, team, and position.  Philly didn’t mess around. The reverse of the card and has light-brown text boxes with dark brown outline with player bio, info, and player trivia-rub the coin stuff.

There are no odd balls that I am aware of for 1967.

We have 10 of 12 1967 Philadelphia Gum Cards


  1. That team card is beautiful. I'm gonna need to try and track down the Green Bay Packers' team card.

  2. You may have a chance to pick up a few at Serramonte from the vintage bin guy as I call him.I can't wait for the show-hope to see you there.

    1. I'll definitely be there. Got a bag of stuff I've been setting aside for you. It'll be like Christmas in January ;)