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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Yadi card of the week #17

This week’s Yadi card is the recently released 2014 Topps Archives #120. I am waiting for my hobby box to arrive and I hope to pull at least some Yadi and Yadi parallels. This year’s Archives use the 1986 Topps’ design, which I have to say I like. They have improved the original and I have seen many of those lately. Of course as most of you know the top third of the card is in black with the team name in red and with the Topps’ logo in the bottom right corner of the box. Thankfully they didn’t recycle another Topps’ picture! I love the portrait of Yadi with his mask sitting on his head. However, it looks like they are using the road unis which I don’t think would look as nice as the home white ones would have. The card has a white border around the other two thirds of the card with his name on the bottom. The rear is in two tones of red with Yadi’s name and vitals at the top with his stats below. This card also comes in Gold and Silver parallels. Again, I know that many folks are over the Archives series but I would rather do with out the higher end sets, which I will not buy and have Topps focus on more affordable sets so they don’t make this rich man’s hobby.

                                                             A little 1986 Willie love.


  1. I agree about Archives. I much prefer it to something like, say, Museum Collection.

  2. Ive got a question that maybe someone on this site can answer. Long story short I was a batboy for the White Sox AA affiliate in Birmingham while Yadi was catching for the Tennessee Smokies in 2003. When they come to town I bought a Grandstand Baseball Card set that was sold at the stadium which included the entire Birmingham Barons roster and two top prospects from the other Southern League teams, one of which was Yadier Molina. I got it autographed by Yadi when they were in town and just recently stumbled upon it in a box in my closet a few days ago. I have not been able to find anyone selling this card much less an autographed one so does anyone have any idea what it is worth? Thanks for the help!

  3. If you can get it certified I would say at least $50 perhaps more, just an opinion but watching eBay and knowing he doesn't do a ton of autos outside of what is issued by Tpps

  4. Thanks for the help. I will send it off to have it certified, I just wanted to make sure it would be worth what I pay to get that done. I didn't know he didn't sign many autos outside of Topps but it makes sense that he would have signed this card for me since 1. I was just a kid and 2. At the time since he was still in Double A and a lesser known player. Ha oh how the times have changed! Thanks again.