1966 Topps Baseball Wantlist

Monday, June 2, 2014

My Archives box has arrived, yeesss!

So I guess I didn't know that the USPS works on Sunday, or it came way after the regular mail on Saturday. No matter, I am very excited to have it. I bought last year's box during a black Friday sale and  really enjoyed busting it up. So this is part one of several posts where I get to showcase the goodness of Archives. I have picked my favorite cards and players of each pack.

So before I even bust open a pack I get to open a box topper which falls in one of four hobby boxes. So what is the box topper?

What the heck! So far so good! There are two other Cardinals box toppers available too; Waino and Matt Adams

Pack 1:
First card out of the first pack!
Some we are family.
Last best card Stan "The Man"

Pack 2:
King Albert
First African-American Manager in MLB
Kate's man.

Pack 3:
First card out of pack 3!
Second card out of the pack!
My first deckle- Orlando Hernandez.
1 in 5 hobby packs


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    1. thank you Matthew-the only Pirate I pulled was Willie-probably will buy another box and send the doubles your way.