1966 Topps Baseball Wantlist

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Archives' Goodies Part 5

So far no Yadis! Will there be any in the next three packs?
                                                                    A great Doyer
                                                    Cardinals' fans stop booing him please.
                                          Watching you Trevor is like watching a roller coaster.
                                             STL home boy and MLB Player of the week alum.

Pack 17
                                                   He has a statue of himself in his yard!
                                                        Oh Shelby, nice photo of him.

                                                         Love the old Milwaukee Braves uni.

Pack 18
                                                      He is not just a name of a cove in SF
                                                         "Machine Gun" Kelly Deckle!

                                                                 A Giants' Hot Pack.


  1. I have never heard a more truer statement about Rosenthal in my life. Nice cards!

  2. Thanks, of course I drop him from my FB team and he has the best game this year!