1966 Topps Baseball Wantlist

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Archives' Goodies Part 3

I hope the next three packs are as good as the first 6!

Pack 7
The first card out of the pack and it is one of only two STL hurlers who can still throw.
Do hitters get any better than Tony? Nope.
                                                        AS Nettles insert. Pretty nice.
                                                   We will never see another Iron Horse

Pack 8
He was the young pitching stud of his time.
No words needed.
Former Cardinal (and Cubby, boo) Eck!
Finally a Redbird, but will he be a former Cardinal?

Pack 9 
One Rookie,
Two rookies,
Three rookies,
and one Waino Gold 58/199!


  1. Nice pull on the Taylor/Berenger!

  2. Oh crap-I didn't pull an auto. just borrowed the picture.