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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What was I thinking

Matthew over at Bob Walk the Plate, and if you haven't been reading his blog you should be. He made a comment on the first Archives posting I put up and I wrote back that Willie was the only Buc that I pulled but alas I must have been too stressed over work, or just zoned out 'cause I also pulled the following Bucs. Sorry Matthew gotta give the Bucs their due as at this time I think they will finish higher than the Birds-I hear Polanco is coming up tomorrow.


  1. Ha. Thanks for sharing. I saw the auto version of that last Grilli card on eBay a few days back. Tried to nab it, but it went for more than I was comfortable.

    I've been hearing mixed reports on Polanco. That would be great if he was coming up. We need a leadoff hitter. Harrison has been great lately, but he is more of the utility type.

    1. I read a Bucs' exec so not today-I picked Harrison up on a few of my fantasy teams.