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Monday, May 29, 2017

Freedom ain't Free

As we sit here pondering what to do on the third and final day of the Memorial Day three day weekend-I thought I would post the STL Redbird and Brown's players who made the ultimate sacrifice-as Abraham Lincoln said "Their last full measure".

Robert O. "Bob" Neighbors was a Arkansas native who played short stop for the Browns in 1939. He would appear in seven games, with two hits in 11 at-bats. Bob joined the military in 1942 and stayed after the war ended. He saw service in Korea where his plan was shot down as a  B-26B Invader pilot with the 13th Bomb Squadron of the 3rd Bomb Group. During a night mission on Aug. 8, 1952 his plan was shot down and he was the only MLBer to die during the Korean War.

Harry M. Glenn played catcher with the Cardinals for six games at the beginning of the 1915 season, going 5-for-16 for a .313 average. He was drafted in to the Army n WWI as a mechanic  where he developed pneumonia and he passed away on October 12, at the age of 28.

Harry E. Chapman played with the Browns, Cubs, and others before enlisting in Army after the 1917 season. The catcher was 32 and would die during the Great Influenza at State Hospital No. 3 in Nevada, Mo., on Oct. 21, 1918.


  1. Great post. My father served in the Korean War and we had a family friend who served in the 442nd during WWII and I always enjoyed listening to their stories. It's pretty amazing how different generations can be. Both of them grew up in a time where they were excited to have the opportunity to serve and protect their country in the armed forces. On the other hand, I can remember being a teenager during the 80's being scared to death of joining. Obviously... if push came to shove, I would like to think I'd step up to the plate. But I would have been scared as $hit. I'm truly thankful to all of the brave men and women who have served and given us our beloved freedom.

    1. thank you, what a lineage, the 442nd-highest decorated regiment in the war. I always thought I would join when I was a kid-my dad was in the 82nd Airborne between Korean and Vietnam-but then before I knew it I was in college. I think it would have helped me mature quicker

    2. My father always tells me that he learned so much in the military. I definitely could have used it myself.