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Saturday, May 27, 2017

"A New Contest: The Top 10 Cards in my PC" Oh Yadi, my Yadi

I am procrastinator at times-this is an example, a few weeks ago I noted the contest held by Collecting Cutch to have each of us show off their PC collection's top 10 cards. I picked cards that are my top 10 sometimes because they are different which I appreciate. So here we go.

#10 Almost put this at #1. But instead it finished up the list of my top ten-2006 Upper Deck Signature Sensations. Picked up some 7 years ago for about $25-the first Yadi card I ever bought.

#9 I have never pulled any special Yadi cards out of boxes, pack, etc. until I pulled this 2016 Topps Heritage 1967 Bazooka from a rack box from Target
#8 This is the last auto added to our collection-2014 Topps Pastime auto #ed out of 99 (image borrowed)
#7 With this choice I took a little different direction-I AM one of those collectors that will collect their player on other player's cards-but only if it is obvious it is Yadi-thus this is 2013 Topps Toys R' Us Purple Aaron Hill.
#6 2006 Christian Family Day SGA Card-fascinating sets-issued in the 2000s-basic artwork, biblical passages etc. unique to say the least.
#5 2005 Donruss Zenith Artist's Proof Silver
#4 2005 Donruss Playoff Prestige Purple-another color bomb
#3-I have a love affair for the 2004 Leaf Certified Cuts cards-and the Yadi Marble Red is no exception-add auto, extra sweet.
#02 2004 Bowman's Best First Year Auto. The card itself pops and pure beauty-add his auto-and bam #2
#01 2001 Appalachian League-Why this card? Simply because this is the first of his and I love the youthful pre-tatted Yadi.


  1. I like the Top Prospects card. I can't believe how in this collecting day-and-age that it's as tough as it is to come across a lot of these minor league cards.

    1. I agree bice to pick up a couple of boxes too

  2. I really like the Bible SGA card. I have a Cutch card with Bible verses on back. I don't know if it was a custom or part of a 2013 set though.

    1. What is interesting is for Spanish speakers they are bilingual and for Japanese players like So Taguchi they are bilingual Japanese/English

  3. Great collection. I've been trying to add an autographed card of Yadi to my collection for a few years now. Need Topps to sign him to a huge autograph deal and start flooding the market like they did with Rickey Henderson. Then maybe the prices will fall into my budget.

    1. yeah right-they are just way to of my price range-