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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Random Cool Stuff

Random image
I was not able to do much thinking about a post topic the past few days. I have been planning my 50th in Portland,OR -a beer safari. Technically I will not there on my birthday-but whose picky! I thought I would share a few images of items I ran across on the Bay and one random triple auto I acquired. The first one is the "If I only had the money!" Someone was offering the complete run of Topps Football in complete sets-many graded. For the BIN price of $34,999 it could have been yours. 
Let us file the next one under "You couldn't do this now" Here is Minor League card of fan favorite Lance Berkman-it is wrong in so many ways. The nipples alone would be an issue-but at least they had a sense of humor!
I am going to file these away in the category of "If I could fly, I'd be coming right back home to you" 

This one under "I didn't know the Rockets played football"
and this one under "Look Ma no cavities"
and this one under "White guys can jump"
Last but not least this one goes in to the "Autograph obsession has gone to far" file. I bought a couple of boxes from Steel City Collectables and they included a pack of MSL Soccer and USA Football. From the USA Football pack I pulled a triple auto!!! of some........under 16 Canadian! players, are you kidding me? Though a couple of kid's autos are more legible than many pros. Maybe in like 10 years they will be in the CFL. 


  1. I went to Portland about 5 years back for work and it was awesome. Wish I had more time there. So much great beer to be had. Go to Hair of the Dog, they make some great stuff.

  2. Indeed-I know you are a beer lover too. Thank you for the suggestion-will most certainly check it out.

  3. A. 50th? Wth? I thought you were younger than me.

    B. Oh man... how cool would it be to drop $35k on that collection.

    C. Nice nipples Lance!

    1. You are kind! I got carded buying beer a couple of weeks ago.