1966 Topps Baseball Wantlist

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Next Stop, Sacramento #4

A while back friend of the blog Mr. Haverkamp commented on my posting on Wally Moon in which I showed Wally on the cover of the April 22 1957 SI. Skip ahead a little while and I had the joy of running into Mr. Haverkamp at the Serramonte Show last month when he so kindly provided me the magazine!!! Thank you-I have a box of minis for you.

He found me going through the vintage dealer from whom I grabbed a ton of vintage Cardinals’ football cards at the San Leandro Show. Chatting while hitting the boxes I pulled the following cards-1958 Topps Chicago Cardinals Carl Brettschnieder Rookie Card, 1966 Philly Gum #196 Referee Signals,
and after a reader commented on the 1968 Topps cards having two different paper varieties-cream and white I decided to pick up these varieties-however, being in the middle of my great organization project I didn’t know which ones I already had! SO, I picked up #8 Jim Bakken (cream),  #112 Jerry Stovall (white),
and #138 Ken Gray (white). I also dug up a 1969 4 in-1’s Roy Shiver, 1971 2nd Series unmarked Checklist (who doesn’t love checklists?), and a 1971 Jackie Smith.

Well that is a wrap on the too infrequent card show.


  1. The Sports Illustrated issue with Moon on the cover looks amazing! The SI editors did a great job of capturing Moon's finest feature.

    1. Indeed-now he would never take the cover