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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Next Stop, Sacramento #3

OK, I think this series more go more than 3 posts-I am nearing the end of my great organization product of 2017. I have filed away al of the Cardinals' Topps and other manufacturers, the former Redbirds I hold on to, and then I just finished organizing other players I hold on to. Next up relics, game used, autos, and vintage. Any way, here are the non-Redbird or new and old Redbird autos picked up for $2 per. New Redbird Dexter-thankfully not Cub card-2014Panini Prizm.
Wow-when I picked up the next card I assumed he was with the Redbirds for a few seasons but alas only with the Birds in 1988 for 60 games Bob Horner 2013 Panini Home Town Heroes Left their Marks
Curent Redbird Jedd Gyorko has grown on me and for $2 I am.  2013 Bowman Sterling.
Former Redbird and member of the all-handsome team Mark Mulder-there are two versions of the card so I had to get them both. 1999 Just Rookies.

Now three random autos-Andre Thornton, Tony Fernandez 2013 Panini Home Town Heroes. The logo less Home Town Heroes have been fun to pick up.

Last auto picked up a Minor League Charley Blackmon 


  1. This is the first blog post I've seen that has something Gyorko, and isn't by someone that I know. He's from my hometown.

    -kin (ifeellikeacollectoragain.blogspot.com)

    1. Just checked out your blog-fantastic!

  2. Oh man, Bob Horner. He was a great player for the Braves, but that brief appearance for the Cardinals was rough. Love the Blackmon autograph. I saw him play in college, have always really liked watch him, kind of wish the Cardinals had traded for him this off season.

    1. I agree I think Charlie would have been a good fit. I once found a Bob Horner autographed photo at a local Salvation Army-mind you this is San Jose. I decide later I need it go back and it is gone. Who knew he was so popular.