1966 Topps Baseball Wantlist

Monday, February 6, 2017

Next Stop, Sacramento #2

I can't say I go out of my way to pick up cards of players and teams I don't collect but I do love certain card sets-Topps Reserve, Topps Pristine, Topps Finest, 2009 UD OPC. So i did add a few more from the Serramonte show the weekend before last-2005 Topps Finest Lance Berkman Red #344/399
2006 Topps Finest Morgan Ensberg Blue Refractor #262/299 
2006 Topps Finest Bobby Abreu Blue Refractor #251/299
2006 Topps Finest Roy Oswalt Blue Refractor #280/299
2006 Topps Finest Javy Lopez Red Refractor #70/250
2006 Topps Finest Kerry Wood Red Refractor #67/250


  1. To me the Finest sets have been some of the more consistent out there. The price point of the new ones are expensive, but they still look nice.

    1. I agree-I will let other bust the boxes and pick up some the I can-

  2. Finest refractors have to be considered one of the greatest parallels in the history of the industry. Great stuff buddy.

    1. True, they make the most sense to me-you could spend a lifetime collecting the Bowman parallels out there for 2016