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Sunday, October 2, 2016

That's a Wrap on the 2016 Season

I haven't watched much of the Cardinals the last month or so, it is too hard to stomach inconsistent play-either pitching is really good and they can't hit a lick, or hitting is really good and they can't pitch a lick. Either way I checked out. I would start to get a little excited when I would see flashes of greatness then they would crash. How do you expect to advance to the playoffs if you have the worst home record in the league?

It is time to make some significant moves.

#1 Fire Mike Matheny I can honestly say that his management of the team cost the team more than a few victories. Yeah Mike if I were you I would drink a cold beer or two too. He gotta go.

#2 Jamie Garcia-he gotta go-his last three starts were a disaster, either he is hurt and hasn't said anything or he has lost it-either way bye bye. He managed to only toss 7 innings in total for his last three starts. Jaime is giving a thumbs up to he gotta go.

#3 Matt Holiday-be well my friend-good luck.

#4 Michael Wacha-is he hurt, has he lost it? I hear his mechanics are off-well he gotta go.

#5 Mike Leake-one of the worst and disappointing signings by the Cardinals-and we are
stuck with him.

I would shed a tear too Yadi,  you wasted a really good offensive year.  I have to say between #1, #2, #4, and #5-the Cardinals lost a chance to have a wildcard spot. Yeah, Kolten it is frustrating.
Though my track record for rooting against certain teams to win the WS the last few years hasn't been good-see 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2014 for example. Now this year two of my least favorite teams are back in it, the Giants and the Cubs.
I would like the Giants but their fans are some of the meanest and disrespectful group in baseball. Living in the Bay Area I would like to root for them, I like their players, manager, and their park, but their fans are insufferable
Yep, I hate the Cubs-which is my birthright as a Redbirds' fan-I am sorry sucking, in general, for over 100 years doesn't make me feel sorry for ya, nor should it make anyone else. Any one feel sorry for the Padres, Rays, Rockies, Mariners, Rangers, Brewers, or Astros-they haven't won either.
Perhaps it is all bitter fruit and there is always next year.


  1. Man it was painful watching the Cardinals, Giants, and at certain points the Mets the last month or so. It almost seemed like none of them wanted to go to the post season.

    P.S. Since both of my teams finished in last place... I'll be pulling for the Cubs and Red Sox.

    1. I know I complain-but my A's fan friends have reasons to be more frustrated than I. I give the Giant's a very good chance this year-they are playing well at the right time.

    2. I think the only thing that really bothers me are the bandwagon fans. The fact that I teach a bunch of them everyday doesn't make things easier. I have no issues with my friends and family members who have been loyal fans since I was a kid. I'm actually happy for them.

    3. I agree my Giants' fan friends are cool, it it the posers

  2. One of the writers on Fangraphs was trying to come up with some type of managerial matrix to measure worth. He is still trying to tweak it, but he said Matheny was coming out on the bottom most of the time.

    1. Hey Matt, it wouldn't surprise me, he coasted by on the fumes from La Russa's departure

  3. I agree with some of your points. Mo and DeWitt said Matheny is safe. If he learns how to handle a bullpen, he would be a much better manager. Garcia=gone. Holliday I would not mind back in a platoon or 4th outfielder roll, but doubt he will go for that or want to be paid like that. Wacha should move to the pen. Leake I can only hope gets better, because this season was brutal for what he got paid. I would love for Carpenter to play 3rd all year, but not sure Peralta can be traded. Would also like to see Wong and Adams get a full season of at bats, like Grichuk got down the stretch. Don't resign Moss for the money he wants, and trade Gyrko while his value is high. I would be shocked to see another 30 home run season from him.

    I am rooting for the Nationals, but doubt they have enough pitching. In the end, the saying goes I have 2 favorite teams: the Cardinals and the team playing the Cubs.

    1. Interesting about Matheny. What is the gossip regarding Mo? I forgot about Moss and I agree, Trad Jedd when the going is good. With Ramos out the Nats face an up hill challenge.

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