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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I love Soccer Part 1

Now the Redbirds are finished I can fully focus on my second favorite sport, soccer. Yes soccer, I know some of the snooty fans want to correct me and say football. But did ya know that soccer comes from Associated Football. Associated was shortened to soccer and into the 20th century both soccer and football were used interchangeably in Britain. I digress.

A few months ago I put a box of Donruss Soccer 2016-17 on my EBay watch list. I would watch the price go between $60-and $70 dollars, then last week I peaked and it was below $50 with free shipping. Done deal. This product covers the main European teams as well as a couple in Latin America such as America in Mexico and Bocca Juniors in Argentina. So I had to bust the box.

Pack #1
Picture Perfect (Gold) Mauro Icardi, AC Internationale

Picture Perfect is a set of 48 horizontal cards highlighting stars. Mauro an Argentinian with one cap for his national team in 2013.

Picture Perfect Alvaro Morata, Juventus, a striker now with Real Madrid. First Real player though not in Royal Whites. My wife is a HUGE Madridista so we watch every Real game.

Edinson Cavani Paris Ste-Germain (PSG) Uruguayan Striker. We were fortunate to watch him play in the Copa America in Santa Clara this summer.

Sergio Busquets Barcelona midfielder

Pack #2

Kevin-Prince Boateng AC Milan midfielder/forward

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Gold) PSG Striker now with Manchester United

Brown Ideye Olympiacos (Silver) FC (Greece) Central Striker. Here you can really see the silver.
Ivan Perisic (Production Line) AC Internationale midfielder/forward.

Production Line highlights some "accomplishment" however minor in comparison. for Ivan this is 7 Goals in 2014-15.


  1. I'm a huge fan of professional, Olympic, and World Cup soccer. For years, I thought it was boring... but the more I watch it... the more I love it. I haven't really gotten into the European and Latin America leagues... mainly b/c I only have so much time in the day. But I love watching SJ Earthquakes soccer.

    1. I am too-thank goodness for DVRs-the Quakes are fun and the stadium is beautiful. I think it always funny when people say it is boring. I laugh-then I say what is a 21-14 Football game? 3-2 Soccer game-

  2. I'm just catching up now with your posts. I started watching professional soccer -- mainly English Premier League -- back in 2003. I spent a vacation in 2006 in London so I could go to a bunch of games. Now, I flip channels on the weekends watching the EPL, the English Championship, the Scottish Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and the Bundesliga.

    I haven't gotten into MLS quite yet, since Atlanta doesn't start to play until next season. I'm going to follow them, though, and hopefully go to a game or two.

  3. Huge soccer guy too here, mainly English Premier League but I'll watch almost anything the more I get into it, especially now that US TV coverage of the sport seems to be improving every year. I busted one box of the previous year's Donruss release and liked it quite a bit, but these look even nicer. When I get around to treating myself to a hobby box I'll strongly consider this!