1966 Topps Baseball Wantlist

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Card Show in a Box Finale.

Wrapping this series up with the non-Topps cards that I thought were interesting enough to share, or least those I thought you all would like to see.

1997 Pinnacle Certified Blue #1599/1999 Brian Jordan. I really enjoy the colors and look of the Pinnacle Certified cards. Very nice, but only thing for me that is off is the film.
2001 Upper Deck Evolution Esix Snead  #0662/2250. This is the first Esix I have picked up for some time. Esix of course was a subject of a previous post What ever happened to?
2000 SPx Untouchable Talents Mark McGwire. Another fantastic late 1990s/early 2000s McGwire insert. What are the odds of getting every single insert of his? Very slim or course.

1996 Leaf Preferred Steel Gold Alan Benes. I have never been a fan of metal, music that is, but these cards are pretty interesting and again except for the pesky film are freaking cool.

1996 Leaf Preferred Leaf Steel Brian Jordan. Ditto for this one as well.

2004 Playoff Prestige Extra Matt Morris #006/150. I think most of us would consider the Playoff line to be up there with the later Pacific issues in regards to near perfection and what sports cards should hope to be.

1999 Skybox E-X Century E-X Quisite J.D. Drew. Not living in the STL towards the end of his tenure with the Cardinals I missed most the drama, thankfully.

2000 Fleer Focus Focal Points Mark McGwire. More Big Mac goodness.

2004 Donruss ThrowBack Threads Keith Hernandez #009/100. Often forgotten Cardinal great.
2005 Donruss Studio Portraits Mark Mulder #03/50 I will end with a little Mandy for those whom appreciate it.

All in all, I really enjoyed going through the box-I wish there were fewer multiples. Some cards had many, but I was able to add a number of new cards to our collection, spend some enjoyable hours immersed in cardboard all for less than the cost of a hobby box.


  1. 1996 Leaf Preferred Steel is such a cool set. I took the time to build it a few years ago or maybe I bought it complete... either way... it weighs a ton. Congratulations on adding so many new cards to your collection.

    1. Thanks Mark, September and Serramonte can't come soon enough