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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What ever happened to Esix Snead?

I hope this begins a some what regular post subject. I am sure many of you all, if not all of you, have run across cards of a rookie, hot prospect, the “can’t miss”, and the over hyped. I thought I would like to spotlight a player I come across not as a means to ridicule, or to make fun of but out of curiosity.  he title of the post series is What ever happened to……. First up is What ever happened to Esix Snead? I have come across this cool arse name recently when one of his numbered cards was on Listia. I have a few of his cards regardless. Who is Esix? He was born in Fort Myers, Florida on June 7, 1976 and was a two sport (baseball & football) athlete at the University of Central Florida and was drafted 18th by the Redbirds in the 1998 MLB Draft.

Esix was a speedster but hit for a low average. Billy Hamilton anyone? He started off in the Cards’ system at Low-A New Jersey Cardinals where he hit .233 and stole 42 bases in 58 games. In 1999 Esix was with the Single-A Peoria Chiefs and High A-Potomac Cannons where he hit under .200 and stole 64 bases in 126 games. Esix had his best year in 2000 when he was at Potomac and stole 109 bases and hit .235. 2001 was his final year in the Redbird system where he played for Double A-New Haven where he stole 64 bases and hit .233 in 133 games.

The Cardinals waived him November 2001 and he was claimed by the Mets.  With the Mets he made his Big League debut on September 21, against the Expos, he got his first major league hit, a single, and also ended the game with a three-run walk-off home run. Back to the Minors he would go and not get back up to the Big Club until 2004 where he played in one game.  Esix was signed to a Minor League contract by the Braves November 2004 but never made it to the Majors. He was then signed by the Orioles January 2006 but released May 21st, 2006.

I haven’t been able to find out what ever happened to him after he was released. Here is are some of Esix’s cards as a Redbird .hey aren't inexpensive on the 'bay. Even his autos aren't cheap. I am pretty sure I will find one at the next card show in the $1 bins. He even has a relic card from his Mets days.


  1. I think we are moving past the speed only guys. Front offices are getting smart about looking at things beyond tools. You have to be able to get on base.

  2. I with you on that Matt but man I can't get used to the station to station ball played by the Redbirds-It seems to be the safer call for clubs but why not make things happen-oh, what would Whitey do?