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Monday, February 1, 2016

Serramonte Card Show Part 1

Two weekends past I hit the trice annual Serramonte Card and Toy Show in Daily City just south of San Francisco. I have to say I have enjoyed hitting this show and as I have written before the Bay Area has less than ½ dozen shows a year so each show is important. There were the usual suspects at this show and as a result there has become a diminishing return on visits equaling new Cardinals’ cards because I have bought much of the existing Redbird stock from the vendors that are regular, or what they have is unneeded or too expensive. There is one guy who has vintage Topps but I find him to be on the expensive side. For example, one of his bargain bins that have older vintage 3 for $7. I rummaged through this box, pulled a few 1960, 1961, 1962, and 1963 Topps I may have needed. I did find a few but there were conditions issues, granted small ones, so I backed on off these bins.
Then I hit a few 25 cent, 50 cent, $1.00 boxes and ended the rummaging through a decent dime box and missed out on some massive dime boxes that Fuji hit. I met up with reader Jim who gave me a killer Redbird Oddball and I will be sending him some A&G Mini dupes. Then we ran in to Fuji with whom I traded stacks of cards we have been accumulating for each other. I will have a separate post for these cards from Fuji and Jim’s great oddball. I also had a great sports conversation with a fellow rummager which helped pass the time.

I picked up less than 100 cards for the collection, a couple of autos, and some vintage Fleer and 1960 Topps. All in all I had a good time though each trip leaves me wiped-don’t know if it is because I don’t eat before I go, the lighting, or the lack of water-but man I was wiped. Even though the cost of gas, pre-show coffee and baked good makes it a not so cheap trip to begin with and I know I can get less expensive cards, for the most part, on the Bay etc. I want to make sure the Bay Area doesn’t get down to two shows a year, plus I get to see Fuji and Jim, and I get to play in some boxes.
So what did I pick up? Behold!

$1 Vintage in excellent condiition

 Some dime, quarter, and fifty cents box finds.

Two favorite players. I love the Hungo card and have the auto edition that goes with it. Found this odd ball Wrigley Stadium Give Away Lee Smith Topps complete with bag it came in and a near perfect 1974 Tradded Lou Piniella both for a dime.

I am very fond of the Topps Spring Fever cards-they are amazingly beautiful and I will continue to pick them up for less than a buck all day.

Another set I can't get enough of is the 2005 Donruss Stars clear cards and again I pick them up when I see them. Not shown is an Omar Vizquel.
Some Red Bird autos for $5 each and a $1 for a former Giant who signed a minor league deal with the A's on December 13, 2015.

Next up in Part two are the goodies from Fuji and Jim.


  1. The Stallard is a steal at $5. I have not seen it for less that $15 online or at card shows. Nice find

  2. Wow... that Lee Smith SGA card is awesome! Gonna need to do some research and see what other cards were handed out.

    1. Certainly would be interesting to have a set in their packages.