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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Serramonte Card Show Part 2 Gifts from Friends

The final of a two part series on the pick ups at the Serramonte Show last month-this time sharing the generous gifts from Fuji and Mr. Haverkamp.

As always, Fuji had a stack of Redbirds for me and I a stack of cards for him. How about the first Yadi of the year? A freaking relic card! WOW, great first Yadi card of 2016.

Next up, some 2015 Topps Update Redbirds

2015 Topps Chrome Another Yadi! Number two for 2016, and a sparkly Hayward.

2015 Topps Heritage High Numbers. Will Marco pitch this year for the big club? How well if he does? 

A little Albert T205, I will compare against the one filed away to see if one is the "clear logo" which I am not certain which is which. 

A Lance Lynn 2013 Bowman Chrome Green Refractor,  beautiful card.
A couple of inserts much needed. 

A Willie Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion. 
I have a mess of these Fleer World Series cards but not this one. 
A couple of Autos, one from current Redbird coach David Bell, and former rookie of the future Dmitri Young, as well as a Holliday AS Relic.  Thank you for everything Fuji!

Finally from Mr. Haverkamp a cool are Oddball 1979 APBA Cardinals game cards. From the APBA website "FOR 60 YEARS APBA HAS BEEN THE UNCHALLENGED KING OF QUALITY SPORTS STRATEGY GAMES." Capitalized to stress this is a game going strong since 1951. This edition is the 1980? St. Louis Cardinals Franchise All-Stars. I didn't see a date but since the latest player is 1979 Gary Templeton.

 Thank you Jim!


  1. I think that Topps 205 Pujols card is from an insert set in 2008 (the minis were affiliated with Heritage)...not the 2003 Topps 205 set which does have the clear logo/white logo variation. Glad you liked the APBA set!

    1. thank you for the clarification-I owe you some minis

  2. It was nice seeing you and Jim again. Look forward to seeing you at the next Serramonte. Let me know if you're ever around on the first Saturday of the month... that's when the De Anza flea market is open.

    1. Are you and Jim hitting Tristar? I am going to miss Serramonte in June

    2. If my friend sets up there and can get me in... I'll go. But I haven't committed yet. I'll let you know when gets closer to the show date. Are you going?