1966 Topps Baseball Wantlist

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Redbird Tchotchkes from Our Holiday Visit

While we were bummed we couldn't make it to the Cardinals' Gift Shop at Busch III we did pick up a few tchotchkes at a store called Here Today, or as mom calls it Here Today Gone Tomorrow-a smaller nicer Big Lots and a little Yadi at one of our local grocery chains.  The sandwich container is for my wife and the flip flops are all mine-they actually fit well and for a couple of bucks well worth it. A few of the Cardinal signs have already made it on to our new car-and because we have two cats I needed two sets of the little people, however I am not sure when I will put them on the car. Then I picked up a couple of inexpensive notebooks to jot down blog entries.

The mini Yadi is on my desk at work and I am not sure if I should unwrap it and put it together, or leave it be? Thoughts? I should have got one to send to Chris over at Nachos Grande because he loves Legos and the Cardinals, well not the Cardinals.


  1. My kids love the OYO figures. They have a mini baseball diamond set up. They make great stocking stuffers at Christmas.

    1. It is kind of cute-It was the only one Dierbergs had-