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Sunday, January 17, 2016

1999 Sports Illustrated Autographs

As I sat on a rainy overcast day having a few 21st Amendment brews from up the road in San Francisco I began to scroll through Redbird Autographs on the Bay and it dawned on me how inexpensive the 1999 Fleer Sports Illustrated, and Fleer Sports Illustrated Greats of the Game certified on card autos are. I mean really, probably for less than $10 you can get a Fergie Jenkins, Rollie Fingers, Dave Kingman, or BIN Clete Boyer for $5.99 plus shipping and HOFers for $20 are not unusual. Not only baseball mind you but also football players including Garo Yepremian, Bert Jones, Jim Plunkett, and many others.

There are two 1999 Fleer Sports Illustrated autograph sets. There is the Greats of the Game which didn't utilize Sports Illustrated covers and the Autograph Collection which did, an example of which is below the two Redbirds.

The six Redbirds with autos in the release were Red Schoendienst, Enos Slaughter, Lou Brock, Bob Gibson, Bob Forsch, and Al Hrabosky. Currently we have the Al Hrabosky and the Bob Forsch Greats of the Game. I believe this is the only certified card autograph for Bob Forsch. Sadly he passed away just a few weeks after the Birds won the 2011 World Series.
I really like the the Fleer Sports Illustrated auto series because the photos are fantastic, the autos are on card, and they are reasonable. I will look to pick up the autos of my favorite non-redbird players-perhaps a few footballers too.


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    1. It really is what we should see in card autos-simple clean design with on card sigs, and affordable.

  2. I love this auto set. I have the Gibson. I've located a Brock and Forsch, but they guy is holding them hostage wanting crazy stuff in return. The Hrabosky is the best of the bunch.