1966 Topps Baseball Wantlist

Friday, February 27, 2015

If the Boys can't win this year I want ........to win

Look I love the Birds-but if they are unable to take the series this year I want the Bucs to win, there I said it. I could make a smart arse comment about the Cubies-but I am not. I say the Bucs for a few reasons. One, it would make Matt over at Bob Walk the Plank very happy indeed. It could be because in my life I have probably spent at least month in the 'burgh. It could be that I have had several craft beers at Penn Brewing and Church Brew Works, or endless pierogi here and there, or huge sandwiches at Primates, or incredible hot dogs at the place across from Carnegie Mellon, or driving across the Clemente Bridge. But really it is because I love Andrew McCutchen, no not in a way I love my wife, but like a fat kid loves cake. He recently wrote an essay on the challenges of keeping lower class kids in baseball Left Out and his experiences with growing up without the opportunities many of us take for granted. If I can only pull a 'cutch auto-Matt you better claim the Bucs from Chris' Heritage Break of I will.


  1. I'm sort of a closet Bucs fan... but I also silently cheer for the Cubs as well each season.

  2. The Cubs scare me this year-'cause now they believe they can win.