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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Better than a Blaster Matt Carpenter Auto Edition

Was going to head off to check out the De Anza Flea Market and meet up with Fuji but alas it is raining so instead a new post. For this installment of Better than a Blaster I am going to show off our first Matt Carpenter Auto. I picked this up on Ebay this week for less than the cost of a blaster. The Marp auto is a 2014 Topps Supreme Super Styling Blue Auto #19 out of 20. I love this card, the sharpness of Marp’s photo, and the color. I am glad we picked up this one for a reasonable price-I really don’t feel the need to pick up others for our collection, and for that matter other than Yadi I don’t have a desire to pick up multiple copies of Cardinals’ autos in general.


  1. Nice Carpenter. Bummer that Mother Nature rained on our parade. There's always next month.