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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Willie goes home

Last Sunday we went with our oldest friends to the Alameda Antique Faire-I always love when e gets added to a word to make it sound classy. Well this was a big antique fair across the Bay from San Francisco and next to Willie's hometown, Oakland (where our friends live). This used to be a Naval Air Station/Base and it is freaking huge. There are so many empty buildings and barracks. Sad really, there is also a distillery and brewery. Also, there is a Willie Stargell Blvd (he lived in Alameda as a kid). Willie had a great time, he walked past some unopened junk wax boxes, food trucks and tons of furniture.  You can see SF's skyline behind Willie.

 Willie loves his beer and with his friends he rolled over to the brewery just a block away.
Yep, Willie is thirsty.

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  1. Your wallet card Willie with you in the background get my vote! Great photo. Did you go to De Anza on Saturday?