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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What a show-my first card show in 30 years wrap up and a confession

I have to confess to the fact that we didn't watch Game 3 of the NCLS yesterday. Now wait before thoughts of fair weather fan come to your mind. The game started at 1pm here in the Bay Area and we were on a media black out beginning then until I returned home. I even put a sign on my office door asking others not to discuss the game with me. However, I made a deal with my wife that if we accidentally found out of the results of the game and the boys lost we would tell the other so we wouldn't watch three hours of baseball only to be disappointed. So she heard the score from one of her many students. So we didn't watch. I haven't had the opportunity to comment on Yadi's injury. I don't believe a team is only one person but not having Yadi is a blow so knowing the game went into extra innings shows the team isn't going to go down with out a fight just because Yadi is out.
Now let me wrap up the posts related to the card show I attended last month. Here are some of my favorite Cardinals' cards I was able to add to our collection. First up some old A's teammates reunited and it "felt so good".
 A Hall of Famer and a couple of rookies.

A couple of cool die cuts 

Jimmy and Rick 

A few King Alberts to wrap up the card show finds. 


  1. Those Ultra Greatest Hits always cracked me up.

  2. yeah right, I also love the UD CD-Rom "cards"