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Friday, October 17, 2014

A fitting end to the Birds' post-season run

Another confession, I didn't watch last night's game. I knew what the result was going to be after watching Games 1, 2, and 4. I am not saying the Giants didn't win the series but what I am saying is they were given opportunities by the Birds and like any good team took advantage of them.

I saw it coming during Game 1 when the Giants had two bloop hits, a Wong error, and a dropped ball by Grichuck. I told my wife this has a feeling to it when one team gets the "bounces" so to speak. Apart from the Giants, why did the Birds fail?

1. Mike Matheny isn't a good post-season manager when the series gets deep. Some of his calls were questionable to say the least and his loyalty to some players (Randy Choke) just odd.

2. Matt Adams looked lost at first making two errors in Game 4 and his series sub par batting average. I will never forget his dumb founded look after the second error. I hope they trade him for what they can get and transition one of their many outfielders to first.

3. Missing runs. Yep mission runs. They needed to have more runs than those scored off of home runs. It was good while it lasted but they aren't home run hitters.

4. The bull pen-Rosenthal, Choke, and whom ever gave up the series ending blast last night.

However, back in May in my post State of Redbirds I stated my disgust. Alas, I am proud they made it this far however I hate to see them embarrassed again in the Post-Season. I am happy for my friends that are Giants' fans, but for the millions of mean spirited fans I am not. They booed every Cardinal except Matheny when we went to Game 1of the 2012 NCLS including the trainer! Not happy for the woman who shouted at me as we walked around AT&T during 2012's NCLS Game 1 "Cardinals' Suck!", of course that is incongruent with them making it to the NLCS. Also not happy for at idiot work who has been giving me hard time but is unable to name the Giants' infield. Too bad they have such fans as I really like the Giants' players.

At least there is next year-but for now go Royals!


  1. It will be an interesting offseason for the Cardinals. They will be good no matter what as the core of the team is still solid, but changes are probably coming. The bullpen getting fixed has to be the priority.

    I thought it was funny that Ishikawa hit the homerun. He was a Pirate up until we traded for Ike Davis.

    It is funny how people will act when you are wearing the "enemies" colors. I see that all the time at college football games. I've seen grown men verbally assault women for wearing another teams colors.

    1. Hi Matt, I think the Bucs will be the team to beat next year-the Birds' GM will have to fight Matheny to get Taveras in games. Articles have indicated that the Birds will spend more money next year. We went out for breakfast yesterday and I wore one of my Cardinals' hats and my told me I was asking for it, but they won honey.