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Monday, October 6, 2014

What a show-my first card show in 30 years Part 2

We only collect baseball cards but as I dug through the 5 for $1 card boxes I stumbled across these two which as a history buff I really appreciate.These are the 2006 Topps Chrome Signers of the Declaration of Independence subset.

I am not going to troll on Ebay for them but I will keep my eyes open at card shows. There were two history subsets in the 2006 Chrome. One the aforementioned Signers of the Declaration of Independence (DOI) and another 39 card Signers of the Constitution (SOC). There are 56 DOI cards total each with a refractor parallel. The regular card was seeded one per seven hobby and retail packs while the Refractor was seeded one per eleven hobby and one per 44 retail packs. Oddly the SOC base insert was seeded one per 15 hobby and retail packs, but the refractor was seeded one per nine hobby packs and one per 36 retail packs.

Willam Paca was the Governor of Maryland and possibly the first Italian-American to be elected to a governorship. William Hooper born in Boston but represented North Carolina during the run up to the signing.

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  1. I remember those. Pretty cool cards at a nice price.