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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jury duty and some autos I have picked up over the last few months

I have lived in California for 9 plus years and have received 4 or 5 jury summons. I lived in Missouri and Michigan for another 19 years while being of voting age and was called once. So I have been chosen to sit on a jury-I don't mind it but I have a ton of work and I will start studying next week for the last exam I need to pass and I wanted to spend the free time before and after work blogging-as a matter of fact I have misplaced the results of the last Retail GAC some where in a stack of study papers, at least I hope it is. So over the last few months I have been picking up reasonably priced autos of Cardinals' projects, rookies, and veterans. I have already mentioned the Leaf autos but here are some other autos I have picked up.

Pitchers Marco Gonzalez, Tim Cooney, Mike Mayers,
 Lots of Patrick Wisdom, Jordan Swagerty

 Hiters Oscar Mercado, Oscar Taveras, Steven Piscotty Mike O'Neil, and Charlie Tilson,

Veteran Jason Motte (will he be a Cardinal next year?), and a Hungo! 
None of these Autos were expensive and I think a Topps' Archives Hungo for less than a ten spot is a good deal.

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  1. That Hrabosky is a sweet card! I actually have some cards for you. Hopefully I'll get them out by the weekend.

    Good luck with the studying.