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Saturday, September 20, 2014

I have been away but not gone

Hey everyone, I have been out of touch as I studied my arse off for the last two months for the first of two exams  I need to pass to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I am giving my self a few days off this weekend and next Saturday when I hit my first baseball card show in 30 plus years, before I study for the harder second exam in November.

So friends what should I bring with me to the show? I will bring my Yadi want list, but can I bring a "man bag" I.E messenger bag? If I am buying singles out of dime boxes etc. do I need to bring with me a card box? Or a cube? Any other tips? Fuji look for me in a Cardinals hat. I thank everyone in advance for the tips.


  1. You should be able to bring your messenger bag or a backpack. You probably want to have something to put your purchases in to keep them from rattling around too. If you're diving in dime boxes, many dealers will have little brown paper bags to put your cards in.

    In the past, I've tried taking a three-ring binder/portfolio along with empty sheets. That didn't work as well as I'd hoped. At the last show, I saw a guy with an 800-count sized box that had crushed up paper in it to keep stuff from moving around.

    What I've started doing is using my blog to put my list of cards that I have for my PCs down so I can just use my phone as my "want list carrier". You've got your Yadi want list here, so that probably would work for you. You might even consider trying to find links to the cards online if you're not sure what they look like so that you could use that as your "sanity" check. But that's a lot of work.

    Good luck with your second exam -- I'm sure you did well on the first!

  2. Hey Tony, thank you so much for the tips-I feel like a teenager going on my first date! I did pass the first exam, then promptly went to only LCS around and bought a couple of boxes. I think I like the idea of bringing a 200 or 400 count box-you have reminded me to up date my want list.

  3. Here's what I'll be packing:

    bottle of water
    800ct box
    penny sleeves
    three to five team bags
    two 50ct. slider boxes
    variety pack of top loaders (around 2 of each size)
    8.5" x 11" top loader

    And wear some comfortable shoes/flip flops. I'll keep my eyes peeled for you. I'm usually in one of a few different places:

    #1 - Sitting in front of dime boxes
    #2 - In the middle of the mall there's a Juice place... if you're standing there looking at the store, my buddy sets up with autographs, jerseys, etc right behind them to the right. I'll usually hang out with him when I'm not walking around.

    I normally spend the whole Saturday there... but I'm bringing along another buddy. So I'll probably be there from 10 to 3.

    Hope our paths cross. I've met YouTubers before... but never met a fellow cardboard blogger in person.

  4. Hi Fuji, Many thanks for the tips, I have almost of all the items above-except snacks-I hope our paths cross too. cheers