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Monday, September 29, 2014

All Yadi all 2014 N.L Central Division edition

I was finally able to read the STL Post-Dispatch division celebration recap article on the mobile app. As a side note when I was growing up there were two papers in the STL, one the PD and the other the Globe-Democrat, one liberal and one conservative. Just a blast from my past when there were many cities with many papers. So here are several pictures with Yadi and one with John Mo' the GM which I find hilarious.

In 2004 when Yadi came up Mike Matheny went home to his wife and told her that he "saw the kid that was going to steal [his] job." That was then and this is now.

Yadi and Carlos Martinez came out to thank the members of Cardinal Nation that came to the game in Phoenix. Phoenix is to STL what Eastern Florida is to folks on the East Coast.
                                                              Yadi and Danny Double D            
A cold shower of Missouri Sparking Wine and Bud.
GM John Mo' having a slug, one of the owners Bill Dewitt Jr. Bill's father was the owner of the STL Browns and it was Bill's bat boy uniform that Eddie Gaedel wore as he took an at bat during a Browns double header on August 19, 1951.


  1. Great Pictures! Looking forward to watching that series.

  2. I am looking forward to the Bucs and Giants. Why do you pull your starter and put in a rookie Yost? Must be the ghost of Don Denkinger.