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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Hottest Day in SF History, and my Better Half Finally Gets Matheny

Well we survived last Saturday's pitching duel between Lynn and "The Shark". It was one of the hottest, or the hottest, games we have ever attended-109! For us here in the Bay Area, and especially in SF, it is particularly brutal since most of us don't have air conditioning. Our seats were better than we thought and no pole. Pre Game beers, Crab sandwich and Sheboygan Brat (not pictured) Tsunami warming up, and Phamtastic not starting.

Our seats were great, but what we realized is that we really preferred the seats we had a couple of years ago up in the Club Level-where you have a private entrance to the section, and the food, drink, and bathrooms are also limited and easy to access. Below is our actual view, no pole!
First batter of the game Wong and the "Shark"-man that guy is tall!
Yadi love, Yadi catching, Batting, and Walking 

Of course some face time on TV! Though my wife was in nearly every minute of the game. Funny thing is there where two Cards' fans in front of us, a father and daughter. She took her dad to the game for his birthday and she went to Michigan and graduated with a degree (undergraduate) in Women's Studies and my wife went to Michigan and has a Ph.d in American Culture with dissertation about Women's Studies so of course they hit it off. It was way hot and she needed to get in the shade for a little while, but being a Testa Dudda (Hard Head) I stuck it out! When my wife talked to some one in Cardinals' gear she would say "it is St. Louis hot!". Also, this was the first game at AT&T that we didn't get Giants' fans in our faces with stupid comments-I guess losing a great deal will do that to ya-humble ya. The Giants' fan behind us was pretty nice and a bit chatty.

It was this game in which my wife finally got Matheny's crappy management-especially of his pitching staff-pulling Lynn after 8 dominate one hit ball against the Giants. She will not forgive him for making us sit in 109 degree heat, to then go in to extra innings only to loose. His favorite two baseball books.


  1. That weekend was insanely hot. It hit 114 at my place. But 109 in SF is even more shocking. Can't imagine sitting out in the sun the entire game that day. You're a true fan.

    1. thank you! Or I am too dang cheap to leave my seat!