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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Group Break Goodies

Happy 4th Everyone-have a safe day with family and friends.

While I was incognito Chris over at Nachos Grande held one of his fantastic group breaks. I bought the Redbirds and the Dodgers-and was awarded the Giants as another team. I hoped I would score one the hot young Dodgers' player's  auto, or even another Kershaw. But alas no, and I assumed the Redbirds wouldn't payoff because I have noticed the Birds are slowly loosing their high profile in cardboard-and who could blame the card companies as the Birds don't have a superstar. Here are the highlights-now there were a number of Bunt cards that were pretty cool but Archives and DK really came through for me. I borrowed the images from Chris.

First the image variations from the DK box.

Then Score of Scores Alex Reyes Dual Auto/Relic numbered #49 out of 299! 
A really cool Waino Bunt card
A sweet Archives variation from the Dodgers' break 
Then the big guns came from the boxes. First, a player I loved to watch-and I was scoping this out on the Bay before going incog. Jimmy Ballgame auto-Sky Blue Fan Favorite #64/75!!!
Then the real fantastic pull-according to Chris the Odds of pulling this soft red card were 1:3,315 packs!
Thank you Chris!


  1. Edmonds is in this year's Archives Fan Favorites set? I've gotta add one of those to my collection. Congratulations!

    1. Thank you-it is nice to see real fan favorites for a change