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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Better than a Blaster Best Blaster Ever-well almost the Best

My parents are safely home after a wonderful visit-now we are trying to get them on a cruise in January. Now for those not living along the coast of California it is hella cold here-I mean 50-60s. While I work in San Jose where it is in the high 80s and 90s. My parents were so cold coming from 100 plus weather, that we even lit a fire! On my 50th birthday I visited my 500th brewery and on for my father's birthday we had a wonderful meal filled with prime rib.
I digress, a week or two before their arrival I visited Target and picked up a couple of discount blasters-one of which seemed to have beaten the odds pretty well-or should I say was a "wife beater" of a blaster. First up a 2016 Gypsy Queen Blaster.

Green Framed Johnny "Kung Fu" Cuetto Green Framed parallel #48/99. (Image borrowed) with odds of 1 out of 120 packs!
Mini Foil Bill Mazeroski and a  framed mini Gold short print Wade Boggs #21/50 1 in 17 packs? I think it is higher for the SP.
, and mini MVP 1:16 packs Chipper Jones.
But a couple of packs in to the blaster and a see a card that looks a little odd to me.
Then I notice it is a Red Framed auto Numbered 3 out of 5! The auto is of Hector Olivera. The odds of pulling the card were 1 in 9,168 packs, yes the odds were one in over 9,000 packs! SO I think to myself I scored a great hit, but alas I Google Hector and find out he is a repeat wife beater! And is likely going to prison this year. So freaking bummer for me, but more of a bummer that he is a DV perp and hurts women. Asshole.

I also picked up a discount blaster of 2016 Stadium Club which yielded a Isometrics Nolan Arenado 1 in 16 packs and a Beam Team of my favorite Giant Busted Posey which is 1 in 256 packs!

So all in all I beat the odds and did pretty well-wish I didn't pull an abusive ass hat.


  1. Get yourself down to 7-11 and buy yourself some lottery tickets. Seriously. Right this second!

    Congratulations buddy!

    1. Thanks Fuji-I was thinking the same thing! Is would be at Serramonte next month-looking forward to seeing ya