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Monday, July 31, 2017

Marco Polo

A day before the start of a busy weekend (July 21) the Cardinals swapped Minor League prospects -- Tyler O'Neill of the Mariners for Marco Gonzales.
I am kind of bummed for two reasons; one I missed this but also because I know there were high hopes for the kid from Colorado until he had Tommy John surgery April 2016 and missed the rest of the season.
Whom is Tyler O'Neill? He is a 22 year-old Canadian outfielder. Looks like he raked in the minors in 2016. Not sure how this will all end up. I enjoyed Marco when he was a Redbird.


  1. Never heard of either of these guys. Hope O'Neill turns into the next Pujols for you guys. Or should I say... the next Joey Votto?

    1. True that-I settle for Votto-Cincy fas are always roughen him.