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Monday, January 16, 2017

Football En Español

You know how it is, you are looking for some reference material for a post or cards or fantasy shopping on the Bay when you come across something that makes you go whoa.  That was my thoughts some time ago when I “discovered” the Mexican and Spanish language 1977 Topps Football cards. I love this set-I especially enjoy the 1977 Topps’ design that was used for football as well as the 1978 Topps English football issue.

What draws me to this set, apart from the design, are the Spanish language team names. Though not all team names are in Spanish the ones that are, are a blast. Let us take a gander and I will choose my favorite between the Spanish and English (hint it will always be the Spanish name) with Spanish on the left. Also, the Broncos are already in Spanish.  First team in alphabetic order is the-

Acereros  (Steelers)

Aguilas   (Eagles)

Bengalies  (Bengals)
Bucaneros  (Buccaneers)
Cafes   (Browns)

Cardenales  (Cardinals)
Carneros  (Rams)

Delfines  (Dolphins)

Empacadores  (Packers)

 Gigantes (Giants)

Halcones  (Falcones)

Jefes  (Chiefs)

Leones  (Lions)

Osos  (Bears)

Patriotas (Patriots)

Petroleros  (Oilers)

 Pieles Rojas  (Redskins-seems less offensive in Spanish)
Santos  (Saints)

Vaqueros  (Cowboys)

Vikingos  (Vikings). It is fitting this is the last Spanish language team as it is my favorite.

The Raiders, Colts, Chargers, Seahawks, Bills, Jets, and 49s didn't receive a Spanish name.


  1. These are really cool cards. I love the Roger Wehrli card.

    1. they are pretty affordable but often have stains from gum etc.

  2. My dream is to one day own the Steve Largent out of this set. Definitely one of my white whales.