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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

I Love Soccer-the End

This marks then end of this journey. Which I have to say I very much enjoyed.

Pack 21

Donrusss Debuts Holographic Felipe Anderson Brazilian midfield attacker SS Lazio

Picture Perfect Arjen Robben Bayern

Pack 22

Holographic Rui Patricio Sporting CP

Dominator Jesus Corona Mexican national team member and Copa Alum

Pack 23

Wesley Sneijder Dutch Galatassoray AS.
Really a pretty card, colors are fantastic.

Pack 24

Mario Balotelli Ghaniaan-Sicilian striker AC Milan
Mario is very much a hot head

Holographic Zlatan Ibramovic Swedish striker PSG (now with Man United)

Production Line Mario Mandzukis Juventus
His production was "22 goals in 2012-13"

I busted the second box-completed the base set and added some excellent inserts to the set. I didn't pull any autos and that was a bummer, but I did pull these three cool cards.

Real Madrid's Toni Kroos Picture Perfect Canvas #41/49 ,
Marek Such Die-Cut Press Proof #62/149,

Robin Van  Persie Picture Perfect Die-Cut Press Proof #137/149 (borrowed image), great Dutch national player.

So, I ordered a box of the 2015 Donruss Soccer for less that $25 with shipping! I was looking to pull an auto or someone I actually heard of-and the verdict is? I got this guy-Phil Jagielka English national team member and center back with Everton. It is numbered #99 out of 99 (borrowed image). At least he is still playing with the national team!

I think the 2016 product is superior to the 2015. First the base set increased from 100 to 200, second the inserts are nicer and more interesting, the parallels are more plentiful and more colorful, and the photos used on the cards look more like the players. I look forward to picking up a box of the 2016 for $25 next year.

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