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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Bustin' Some Boxes Box 1-

In general I don't buy boxes of cards. Yeah, they are really fun to open but I find there isn't much in the way of Redbirds that I am adding to our collection. No one will ever accuse me of being a super trader as a result. Recently I picked up three boxes, plus one more on he way, from Blowout Cards pre Black Friday sale. Not high end boxes but all about the cost of blaster except for the last. What did I bust?

2008 Bowman Chrome hobby box

This is one of my favorite of the Bowman issues-the box didn't turn up any Redbirds except for a Draft Pick Luis De La Cruz.
But it did offer several refractors and one auto. Now I am realistic, that when you pick up cheaper boxes you get cheaper hits, but really I just wanted to open some boxes.


Torii Hunter (Twins)
David Ortiz (Redsox)
Felix Hernandez (Mariniers)
Kevin Youkilis (Redsox)
Now this guy and his brother Scott recently opened a brewery in nearby Los Gatos, CA-about 25 minuets from me. The brewery is Loma and we will certainly visit after the holidays. I couldn't figure out why a guy from Cincy would open a brewery in the Bay Area-but alas a simple Google search turned up that he married Tom Brady's sister, and Tom Brady is from very nearby San Mateo.

Roy Holliday Blue Refractor #91/150.

This box ended up being a Japanese nationals hot box-Score for Mr. Fuji!

Kazuo Matsui (Refractor)
Kenji Johjima (Refractor)
Hideki Matsui (Base)
Kosuke Fukudome (Base)
Plus several non-Japanese Padre prospects.

The auto I pulled was less than exciting Chaz Roe of the Rockies. Chaz drafted by the Rockies in 2005, traded to the Mariners in 2010, and signed by the Diamond Backs in 2012. Though I never heard of him he still playing. Last year with the Braves he was 1-0, 3.60 ERA in 21 games. 


  1. Johjima refractor! Nice pull. I live right down the street from Los Gatos... but haven't gone there in probably a year (and I'm pretty sure it for their farmer's market).

    I've been thinking about taking advantage of some of Blowout's deals... but I haven't pulled the trigger yet. Maybe I'll do it this weekend.

    1. Would be hilarious to be having a beer and in walks Kevin or even Tom Brady. I wish Blowout would let you buy the boxes then when it is all over ship them together-I Know I would have bought more, if you do I can't wait to see what ya get.