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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Ever Quest-or is it Vision Quest?

My ever quest for Topps Archives/Fan Favorite/Heritage Real One Certified Redbird Autos continues with some pick ups since my previous postings on these here,here, and here.I actually, was remiss in not also showcasing the Fan Favorites Steve Carlton auto that I overlooked. Three more added to our collection over the last 3 months or so.

First, we have Cliff Chambers 2011 Topps Lineage 1952. Cliff Chambers pitched for the Birds 1951-1953. Had a record of 18-16, 4.19 ERA, and 118 K in 79 games. Not sure if there is a demand for cliff but it was a nice addition.

Next is a 2013 Heritage Bobby Shantz Red Ink Real One #ed 1 out of 64. I LOVE the 1964 Topps issue-love them and I was really happy to see this pop up on the Bay.  He pitched for the Birds 1962-1964 had a record of 12-10, ERA of 2.51, and 129 Ks in 99 games. Though he went to the Cubs in 1964 before the Birds won the World Series. However, he did win one with the Yanks in ’58.

Thank you to Ray over at All Cardinals All the Time Check out his excellent blog here I “discovered” there is a 2005 Fan Favorites Andy Van Slyke. Another design I LOVE. With the Birds for four seasons 1983-1986 he only “won” a series in 1985 with the Birds and unfortunately he didn’t have a chance at another one.

A quick peruse of the recently released 2016 Archives edition show the following Cardinals making their appearance. I will wait to the market is saturated then pick up at least the Perez and Tatis autos.

Fan Favorites Autographs Set Checklist
Eduardo Perez –
Fernando Tatis –

Topps Originals Autographs Set Checklist
Lou Brock


  1. Nice cards. I love the looks of the 2016 Archives autos, but will also wait until the price is a little more reasonable. Topps did a good job including players like Perez, but I am sure case busters do not like seeing him.

    1. Yeah, right. Must drive them crazy to pull Tatis :).

  2. I'm so excited to start collecting this year's Archives Fan Favorite autographs. So many cool names on this year's checklist.

    1. I pulled a Benito Santiago a few years back-will pick up a few oldies Eric Gregg how cool is that. Probably get a hobby box too.