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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Should of bought the other two boxes...Better than a Blaster Edition

Last week was the some what quarterly Serramonte Mall card show-for an area the size of San Francisco/Silicon Valley-there is crap for card shows. To my knowledge there are only 4 (3 Serramonte and 1 Tristar) the entire year so of course I couldn't miss it, and with my wife in San Diego for her cousin's wedding, I didn't need to hurry home. I met reader Jim who so kindly helped me to knock some 1966 Topps of my want list. I also met a gentleman who was visiting the Bay Area from Ohio. He expressed shock at how few shows there are here. I still need to post the booty sent to me by reader Dave.

There is always a guy at the show who has boxes for sale-usually always new stuff that a I am either not buying because of $$ or because it doesn't interest me. Alas, this time he had three boxes of 2009 Topps T-206 which I later discovered were rack packs-but for $24 I thought maybe I should get one-or all three. I decided on just the one and as you will read shortly this wasn't a good choice. So what did the box provide? First, let me say when I opened it up and found it was a rack pack box I was disappointed, but for about the price of a blaster, how could I be?

First up, the full size variations-4 of the best hitters ever including a Redbird.

A mini Cycle back #ed to 99.  Mike Cameron and SP Mini of Kawakami one per 20 packs, which was going to Fuji but I might just buy another box and try and build a set.

A few Redbirds-including Yadi, David Freese, Colby Rasmus type A, all of which I have, Albert Pujols type A, the regular Mize version, and Matt Holliday which I didn't. 

 A look at both types of Albert, A & B.

A look at both types of Colby, A & B

And a St. Louis Brown, when I buy Cardinals' lots I always get a few Brownies-now I even look for them, so they get filed in our Redbird's boxes.

So remember when I said I should have bought the other two boxes? Why should I have bought the other two you ask?

Boooya A Piedmont framed Mini Auto of.....Clayton fing Kershaw!


  1. Nice auto pull on Kershaw...if you do decide to build the set, I've got plenty of the standard size cards (reg and SPs) from my own set build in 2009. But still need plenty of the Piedmont mini SPs including the Kawakami.

  2. Hey Jim, I think I will build set-though I might need a few singles-I will give ya the minis except for the Redbirds-I will bust a box at the end of the month-email me your address and I will send you what I get out of the other box too-or least send you the ones on your want list that I have.

  3. Biggity BAM! I paid close to $50 for my Kershaw... so you scored BIG time! Congratulations buddy!

    P.S. Love this product! I opened a box of this stuff a few years ago.

    P.S. #2 There's also the GTSM shows at the Santa Clara Convention Center

    P.S. #3 And there's at least one more show... a vintage show... somewhere in Alameda (not 100% sure it's Alameda... but it's somewhere in the East Bay) that I've heard is really really cool. Haverkamp would definitely be able to give you the details.