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Friday, July 10, 2015

Acts of Kindness #2

Recently I received an email from Ray over at All Cardinals All the Time who let me know he may have an extra Yadi item I might be interested in. First, you gotta love a guy whose blog is All Cardinals All the Time! An excellent blog so please check it out. I let him know I was indeed interested in the item, funny thing is that I was looking at this item on Ebay but couldn't pull the trigger. So what is it? A Peoria Chiefs (Card's Midwest League Class A affiliate) SGA of Yadi on a 8x10 canvass frame! In 2002, when he was 19 he played in 112 games for the Chiefs. With the Chiefs he had 393 plate apperances, scored 39 runs, 110 hits, 7 HRs, and a .280 BA. Fielding-let us just say the Cardinals must have known he was special. He had a fielding % of .985 and allowed 45 stolen bases while he caught an astounding 49! Ray was also kind enough to include a Rookie Card I didn't have. Many thank yous Ray! Here is California we have no basements, for good reason, so off to the office it went. What it looked like when I unwrapped it, then what it looks like on my office wall-I am sure my Redbird's shrine is driving Giants' fans here crazy.
The Yadi Rookie new to my collection- 2005 Upper Deck First Pitch #258 that Ray included.



  1. I'm a huge fan of anything "canvas", so this SGA gets a big "thumbs up" from me. Thought about getting it signed?

  2. Looks good on your wall. Glad to help out a fellow Cardinals fan.

  3. Love to get it signed-perhaps the winter warm up-I gotta plan our next trip to the STL